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Gaming is becoming the best activity to spend your idle hours. To play high-end games, such as PubG, you can buy an 9 in android tabletRemember, you can’t play games on weak devices. These devices can affect the fun of your game. For real-time mobile gaming, you will need the best device. 

Finding the best gaming tablet may depend on your needs and budget. PUBG is becoming the most popular game for PS4, Xbox, and PC. Nowadays, tablets are becoming another option to play PUBG. Feel free to play it on both iOS and Android. If you want to boost the fun of your game, you will need a tablet with the following features.

Operating System

You can choose between two operating systems, such as Android and iOS. If you want a budgeted option, you can buy a 9 in android tabletIt can be difficult for you to choose the best operating system for the game. Remember, they both have amazing features for gaming. Think about your preferences and needs.

If you want a device with iOS operating, you will need an iPad made by Apple. Moreover, Android is famous for its open-source nature. It means Android is available in different brands, such as ASUS, Samsung, HTC, tablet

SoC (System on a Chip)

It means the system on a chip that comes with an integrated circuit. A chip integrates different components of a tablet or computer (CPU or processor and GPU or graphics chip) and other systems. It acts as a graphics processor and other modules. A solid chip can control everything. For instance, 9inch android scome with Snapdragon SoC. 

It contains 280 CPU Qualcomm Kryo and Adreno 540 Qualcomm GPU. If you need a tablet to play PUBG mobile, it must meet these requirements:

Android 5.1.1 or advanced model

At least 2GB of RAM

If you want an iOS, it must be iOS 9 or later model on 5S iPhone


For the best experience, you can’t ignore the importance of display. It is essential to consider size and resolution. You can’t enjoy your game on 600 x 400 pixels display. Remember, the9 in android can be the right choice. Apple iPad Pro offers a 120Hz display. It allows you to enable extreme 60 fps framerate in PUBG mobile settings.

It will improve your gaming experience. Moreover, you can get the advantage of a responsive and enjoyable gaming experience. If you want to play a competitive game, you must consider a device with high resolution and excellent screen size.

RAM and Battery

For iOS and Android version, a tablet must have almost 2GB of RAM. You can purchase a slate with four gigs for the best experience. The battery of the device can be drained easily while gaming. For this reason, consider a device with a longer-lasting battery. For instance, the androidwill help you to play your game for several hours.

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