You may have high performing iPad tablets, but it is still a fact that some users of iPad Mini face bugs whilst installing or updating iOS apps. Worry not – the below compiled troubleshoots would help you to resolve the minor bugs and other issues on Apple iPad Mini. After each troubleshoots, check if the respective error in the iPad Mini is fixed and continue to the next one only if the issue remains unresolved.

Soft Factory Reset

A soft reset erases temporary files that trigger common issues in iPad tablets, but doesn’t erase user data. To soft factory reset the device, follow the below-given steps.

  • Tap and grab a hold of the Power key and the Home key simultaneously from the home screen of iPad Mini.
  • Let go of the Power key and Home key once iPad Mini restarts and the Apple logo appears.

Test the iPad Mini to see if you are able to update the app, which you were unable to before the iPad troubleshooting began.

Check App Storage Memory

Go to Settings and then scroll to tap on the General tab. Then, navigate to Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage to see the full list of iOS apps presently consuming iPad Mini’s memory. Try closing the app or uninstalling the app, in case you have low storage memory in the iPad Mini.

Some apps clog in the background even after users exit the app and closing the app through the Settings might improve the performance of iPad Mini.

Update iPad Mini through DFU Mode

The Device Firmware Update mode puts the iPad into a state wherein the device interfaces with iTunes even when the refurbished iPads Mini is switched off. The DFU mode is accessed to update or restore the iOS and that would resolve app-related bugs in Apple iPad Mini.

  • Connect the iPad Mini to Mac PC with iTunes installed and through Apple lightning cable.
  • Once connected, tap and grab a hold of the Power key and Home
  • Let go of both the keys when iTunes logo, arrow, and lightning cable appears on the screen denoting USB connection.
  • An iTunes prompt would appear at this point, prompting users of iPad Mini to either Restore or Update Choose Update to keep data, and Restore to erase data and return the iOS to factory default state.

Before updating iOS in iPad Mini, charge the device to full battery and complete this troubleshoot.

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