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You can find tablet PC’s in the market in various different brands and models. Every model you will pick will have different specs like storage capacity or memory, RAM, processing speed, camera quality and battery time, etc. Apart from the hardware differences, there can be a difference in the software of the device as well. As here we are comparing the best tablet PC by operating systems, so we will mainly focus on the software specs and differences.

iOS by Apple Inc.

There’s only one brand in the world in the market of Smartphone and Tablets which uses iOS is Apple Inc., and we can say that the tablet PC’s which use iOS is the best tablet PC because you will never observe them hanging in the middle of some program or application. There can be app crashes but no hanging of the phone where your smartphone stops responding to any command you give except forcing the power off.

iOS started getting popularity after the launch of the iPhone 3G though it was there in iPhone 2G and the earlier versions as well. But the iPhone 3G was a big hit and the features and security it offered attracted the users especially the smoothness of touch flow and process handling. They kept improving their best tablet PC and the iOS as well and now iOS is considered the most secure operating system for Smartphones.

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Android by Google

Android by Google is the most used operating system in the world. The number of devices using Android is far greater than iOS devices. Most big brands in smartphone and best tablet PC industry like Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Huawei and LG are using Android in their smartphones and tablets. And this universality feature of Android is the basic reason for its popularity.

Android offers an endless number of free and paid apps in its Google PlayStore. You can download thousands of apps on your tablet pc or smartphone, like games, utilities, social apps, etc. without paying anything while in the Apple App Store, this is not the case. You will have to pay for most of the apps you download. Rather Apple gives the apps with price, a better ranking in search.

Samsung manufactures best table pc, and it is no doubt, a leading manufacturing company in the world after Apple Inc. And Samsung always used Android in its tablet PC. There are various versions like Donut, Éclair, Cupcake, Ice Cream Sandwich, Lollypop, Gingerbread, Kit Kat, Marshmallow and Oreo. The latest so far is Android Pie, but soon we will have a newer version of Android, i.e. Android 10 which will have 5G support and the support for foldable devices as well. So if you want to buy best tablet pc, make sure it has Android 10 in it.

Windows by Microsoft

There was a time when Windows by Microsoft stated getting popularity in smartphones, and that was because we were used to using Microsoft Windows in our PC and it was great to have the same Operating System in our best Tablet PC and smartphone. It was easier to interact and sync with your PC. Nokia and HTC were the popular brands that tried to come back in the market with Windows, but soon that craze ended, and Windows is no more than popular because of its untimely up-gradation and handling errors.

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