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5 Best Cleaner Apps for your Android Tablet

Daily usage can slow down your tablet and hinder it from performing at full capacity. This is because daily usage can cause the accumulation of many cached files in the memory, increased usage of RAM, and overloading of the processor....


How to Configure VPN on your Android Tablet

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an essential feature that allows you to connect to the internet in a more secure manner. It provides you the means to access websites or apps that are not available in your region,...


How to Use the Settings App to Make Basic Customizations in your Android Tablet

One of the main benefits of using Android tablets is the presence of numerous settings that can offer a truly customizable experience to the user. All this are included in the Settings app of the tablet, which is identified by...


Benefits of Purchasing Tablets from a Tablet Distributor

Ever since its introduction, tablets have attracted a select group of users that eventually outnumbered smartphone and laptop users. The amount of flexibility and functionality offered by tablets has made them the preferred gadget of choice for a variety of...


Troubleshooting Commonly Occurring Issues in Google Pixel C Tablet

Google Pixel C is one of the best Android tablets available in the market. It comes with many innovative features such as solid performance, super sharp display, and portable features. The tablet was immensely successful and was featured in most...


General Features of Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Released in 2015, the Galaxy Tab E is another budget offering from Samsung targeted mainly for beginners. The Galaxy Tab E is a decent package of a big screen, good performance, and low pricing. It comes preloaded with the Android...


Buying Tips for Refurbished Tablet

If you are a budget-savvy customer not being able to afford a high-end tablet, your safe bet is to own a refurbished device. The tablets wholesale markets offer them individually with given discounts from the original price. Often, the technicians...


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