The love for gadgets is increasing day by day, and it compels the individuals to explore stunning devices such as the best 10 inch tablet.  In this modern era, there is extreme saturation of the gadgets which makes it difficult for individuals to make a quick choice. There exist two amazingly powerful and splendid tablets named Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Go.

You surely have heard about these two elegant and marvelously amazing tablets. But, have you ever thought about which would prove to be a worthy choice for you. Both seem similar, so it is hard to recognize these from a distance. Let us have a glance at different features of it to choose the most attractive and suitable one. 


If you are looking for the best 10 inch tablet, then Surface Go is the right choice. However, those who demand even larger display would find the Surface Pro 6 the right choice. It is because of the display of Surface Pro 6 is even more which is 12.3 inches. So, you would have a better screen experience with Surface Pro 6. However, when it comes to carrying the tablet then Surface Go seems to be a wise choice due to a display size of 10 inches. 


Other features of Surface Go and Surface Pro 6 include color. For many of the people, the variety of colors matters a lot and proves to be the main factor for selection. The dull colors or lack of color options prevent many people from skipping the gadget.

The best 10 inch tablet, Surface Go, merely comes in one color, which is silver. However, the color choice enhances with Surface Pro 6. It comes in silver as well as black color. 


Weight is the deciding factor about the ease to carry. Heavier tablets are difficult to carry. People prefer to use lightweight tablets for their job and regular use. Surface Go, the best 10 inch tablet, is the lightest one as it depicts the weight of about 552 grams. However, the other tablet, the Surface Pro 6, is a bit thick with a weight of 770 grams. 

Battery Time:

Battery time is the main feature to determine the performance of gadgets. Surface Go has a battery life of 9 hours. On the contrary to this, the Surface Pro 6 provides the battery timing of about 13.5 hours. Both of these inspiring tablets come with accessories such as Surface Dial and Surface Pen.

Other Features:

The best 10 inch tablet, Surface Go, is worthy as it is more portable and comes at an affordable price. It has a high-resolution touch display, smaller design, and LTE is available. On the other side, the Surface Pro 6 is a fabulous tablet as superior inking experience and different configuration options. IT does not have USB-C while the IR camera is a quite fantastic feature of it.

These differences would let you decide at a much quicker rate. Keep the features and budget to be key elements for making a choice.

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