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Android In-Apps Feature

There are designated applications to identify callers and listen to music on the Android platform. At times, it could get tricky for users to spot the exact song or search for content on apps. So below is a cool way to search content easily on your tablet.

Benefits of In-Apps Feature

One could quickly search content through the In-Apps feature on Android. Go to the In-Apps tab on the Google app to trigger the feature.

In fact, In-Apps synchronize well with Gmail and YouTube, the two main content sharing platforms on your device. Yet you can also check for new apps from time to time that support the In-Apps option. The Google app settings tweak home screen widgets on Android tablet using the In-Apps shortcuts.

Searching Content in Default Apps

With In-Apps, you could also search for content on both downloaded as well as default apps. You might use plenty of content in bulk wholesale Android tablets.

Among Android smartphones, the LG V20 is the first to implement the In-Apps shortcut. Today, this feature works on exclusive tablet models. Would Android Nougat come up with updates that improve this feature on tablets? These kinds of tricks are essential learning curves for the tablet users, but we will have to wait and watch as to what the Android Nougat does to In-Apps for tablets.

A Whole New Way to Search Content

With In-Apps users can:

  • Search for Contacts & Message – Easily find users you want to chat with or names of people that your friend once told to you in social media.
  • Listen to Simultaneous Songs – Multimedia works smooth if you activate the In-Apps feature in your Android tablet. You can easily toggle through video players to music players in a single place.
  • Stay Organized with Quick Notes – Check the items you want to bring home or write some quick notes to keep as a reminder. The In-Apps feature fastens the note taking procedure with a quick search.

In-Apps works in sync with applications like Spotify, Evernote, social media apps, and default music players on an Android tablet. Searching personal stuff belongs entirely to the tablet user, and you do not need to turn on the Wi-Fi or mobile data either to trigger In-Apps on Android Tablet.

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