Android tablet manufacturers launch a new version of their operating system for devices such as tablets and smartphones every one or two years. You will receive a notification message on the screen of your tablet when the update becomes available. All you have to do is to simply click on the Restart & Install option on the bottom corner of your Android tablet, but you will have to make sure that the battery percentage of the tablet is good. If not, it is best to plug in your tablet to a power source with a compatible charger before you proceed with the upgrade.

If your device is not connected to an active high-speed internet connection or if you prefer not to update the device at the moment, you can dismiss the update notification and continue to use your tablet. However, it is seen that some users dismiss the notification because they don’t have any clue on how to update their tablet. If you were in such a situation, below are a few simple steps that will explain how to update an Android tablet.

Updating your Android Tablet

Before you proceed to the updating part, it is best to back up the data such as images and contacts in your tablet just as a precautionary measure. Even though the upgrade will not affect your data, there is no guarantee for that, which means that backing up your important data is something you should always do before you update your tablet.

Now, go to the Settings menu of your Android tablet and then scroll down through the menu until you see an About Tablet or About Device option. Click on the option and then look for a Software Update tab or a similar option in the folder.

When you tap on the Software Update option, your Android tablet will automatically begin to search for an available update. After that, a notification message to install the latest available software version will pop up on the screen of your device. So, simply click Yes to download the update and to install it on your tablet.

It is best to use a high-speed Wi-Fi connection when you are searching for the update and downloading it, as the file size of the update can be huge. Moreover, mobile data connection might also get disrupted during the installation of update and create glitches. So, make sure to use a Wi-Fi connection when you are updating your Android tablet.

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