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You will need a Google account to activate android tablets for saleIt is possible to create more than one account and switch between these accounts with one swipe. Latest updates allow android users to switch accounts. This feature is also available in iOS. Users can swipe down or up on a profile picture in the top to switch between Google accounts. 

People need multiple Google accounts to manage their personal and professional life. Nowadays, it is simple to swipe between accounts with a swipe. After signing into different Google accounts on your iOS or Android device, you can swipe down or up a profile picture. The search bar in the top of the screen allows you to switch accounts. Switching accounts will be easy on android tablet. This feature work on Google contacts, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Keep. It will be easy for you to flip between work and personal emails on the phone.

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Switch Accounts in Google Apps

If you want to add and use an account on your current device, see these simple instruments. Make sure to add a Google account on a device. 

  • Set up your Google account.
  • Open “Settings app” of your device.
  • Click “Accounts – Add Accounts – Google”.
  • You have to follow instructions to add an account.

Replicate these steps to add multiple accounts. If you want to decrease the risk of unauthorized purchases, protect your device with a strong password.

Switch Between Accounts

Switch between Google accounts with the latest featureAll android users can use this feature for Play Store and other apps. See these instructions to switch accounts in a Play app.

  • Open your “Google Play app”.
  • Click the menu (three lines). If you are unable to see the icon of the menu in the left corner, click back to access the home screen app.
  • Check the email address and name of the account you are using at the top of the screen.
  • Click the “Down” arrow.
  • Now you can click the account that you want to use.

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid all these steps because switching becomes easy with one swipe. You can swipe on the icon of your account to switch between accounts. This fast switching feature is handy for every user. 

With the use of this feature, it will be easy for you to switch between accounts and save time. A swipe allows you to use a different account for shopping and other activities. Switching option is rolling out for users on Play Store. If it does not appear for you, feel free to download its APK link. You can wait for a few days because this option will soon appear on your device.

Remember, this feature is already available for iOS users. Now it becomes easy to flip between different accounts without changing your device. 

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