This new operating system has numerous impressive features. One of the best things is its dark mode. You can set dark mode to turn on automatically for night time. 

Remember, the blue light of electronic devices is blamed for your insomnia and headaches. For this reason, dark mode is available in new operating systems. With this mode, you can decrease the blue light and conserve the battery of your precious phone. 

Turn on Dark Mode

If you want to avoid headaches and sleepless nights, you can enable dark mode on your device. Here are some easy instructions.

Open “Settings – Display – Dark Theme” and toggle toward “ON”.

In android pie 9.0, you can get dark mode, but with a white background. It will only impact the app drawer and shade of notification. If you want a real treat of dark mode, you have to upgrade your device to the latest android 10. Only some phones are eligible for this feature at this moment.

Different options allow you to activate dark mode for night time only. In this way, there is no need to worry about the timing of dark mode. It will save you and the battery of your phone at the same time. 

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After switching to a dark theme in the latest operating system, you can find particular supported apps with a dark side. This list was limited, but growing at a faster rate. Along with app drawer and notification shade, it may change the backgrounds of settings menu and apps, such as contacts, phone, and chrome, Google Photo, YouTube, Google Feed, Google Keep, Google Drive, Google Play and Google Fit.

You will be able to see more apps in this list supporting the dark theme. For developers, force dark options are available. It can automatically convert light backgrounds of apps to dark tones. Before android tablet online shoppingyou have to check the specifications of your device.

Turn off Dark Mode

You can turn off the dark mode by going to “Settings – display and toggle off a dark theme”. Similar to Night Light, you can schedule a dark mode. With this mode, you can save your battery life. A session at I/O Google allows you to save battery life, especially with OLED screens. Remember, pixels are lit individually because dark pixels and OLED displays are off effectively. For these reasons, the dark theme of android 10 allows you to decrease battery consumption in numerous apps.

It can potentially improve the battery life of your phone. Dark theme is becoming an essential part of battery saving mode. Feel free to use this mode for power saving. If you can’t install this latest operating system right now, pay attention to the guide of android 10.


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