The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with S stylus pen, is undoubtedly an 8-inch Android tablet pc that has a dynamic stylus pen. In certain areas, it’s also known as the 10-inch tablet Galaxy Tab A Plus 2019. Most certainly, to be more particular, it’s model type numbers tend to be known as SM-P200 and SM-P205. Though it may be a budget-friendly product, it features a lot of tricks. Among all those are a 100 % High definition resolution display screen, 3GB of Random access memory, an octa-core processor chip, optionally available LTE 4G, and Google android 9.0 Pie.

Brains and the Looks

This new Samsung Galaxy Tab A is undoubtedly a 10-inch tablet. From the front side, it appears as though a regular tablet pc from Samsung without any home-button or fingerprint scanner. It has a 100 % soft-touch plastic material body that’s 8.9mm thicker as well as weighs about 325g. You can get it in grey and black. The second looks a lot more like a darker tone of white (also known as mild grey).

At the base, there’s a Universal serial bus Type-C slot, a single audio speaker, and a cutout for the S Pen. We have a power button and volume settings on the right side, and the left side includes an SD card port. If you acquire the LTE model, that’s exactly where the SIM card will fit too. The SD card support has a capacity as high as 512GB. At the top, there’s a standard headphone jack. 

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The S Stylus Pen

An essential element of the Samsung Galaxy Tab P200 and P205 is actually the S Pen. It’s a lively stylus pen, and it is exactly the same pen that we’re acquainted with from their Galaxy Note mobile phones. The S Pen of 10-inch tablet supports 2048 levels of strain sensitivity, has just one button you can use for several features, and doesn’t have to be charged.

This Galaxy Tab A has become one of very few tablets that may, in fact, house their stylus pen. At the base, there’s a port for the S Pen 10-inch so you don’t drop it. For that reason, it’s preferable compared to the Apple Pencil or MS Surface Pen.

Samsung is actually delivering it with different pre-installed software programs designed to use with the stylus pen. Among all these features are, screenshots that you can easily annotate, a drawing application, and a significant notes application.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 10 inch tablet with S Pen is a superb option if you are searching for an inexpensive tablet pc with effective stylus pen support. It provides good functionality, a vibrant display screen, up-to-date Google android 9.0 Pie, along with a wonderful S Pen. Among its disadvantages are its plastic material body, and also the life of the battery could have been a bit longer.

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