You can find online various tablet pc for a discount, but you need to be careful while buying a used tablet and here are tips for you

There a lot of people rarely prefer to buy something brand new, and when they are asked about this preference, they have some strong arguments in their support. But on the other side, there are the people who believe that there is nothing like the joy of opening a box with a brand-new gadget. Well here we will talk mostly about tablet pcs for a discount and the tips to buy them.

Check if It’s a Fake Version

Since China and other markets started making the fake versions of original brands, millions of people have been unknowingly buying knockoffs. When some new model is introduced by a brand like Samsung or iPhone, the copy makers take hardly a month or two to bring out the identical copy of those Smartphones. These fraudsters offer cheap tablet pcs and other such offers to attract. And as it’s a new model, there won’t be many people who actually know about the new features, and it will be hard for a new person to judge if the phone they are buying is original or fake. Even I have been cheated, but in that first lesson I got a trick to find out instantly whether the phone is original or not.

First of all, if you observe closely the look of the tablet will tell whether it’s an original phone or a fake version. Secondly, the quality of the camera will speak itself because fake phone never offers a good quality camera. The third and main thing that you must check first is the IMEI Number. Get the IMEI number of the phone you are going to buy and search for it on the online IMEI database, and it will instantly tell you the model and manufacturer details. If it is a fake phone, you will be able to see the details there. So if someone is offering cheap tablet pcs, check the IMEI first.buying a used tablet

Beware of Stolen Phones

Now, as you know it’s original phone, the second thing that you have to be assured about is if the phone is not stolen property. Most online tablet pcs offers attract people because of low price, but in the end they get a stolen phone which may put them in trouble once located. So if you want to avoid such trouble, make sure that it’s not a stolen phone. You can check the IMEI number online or send an SMS to the official number where you will get the instant reply, whether that phone has some complaint about it or it is a clean phone.

Check if It’s Repaired or Refurbished

Most of the times tablet pc cheap discount offers are amazing for refurbished phones. These phones are okay to use but keep in mind that it is a repaired phone. So check the box of the phone first. It often mentions that the phone is refurbished. But if you don’t find the box, observe closely the screws and opening points and locks of the phone which will reveal the actual story, and you will then know the real story behind tablet pc cheap discount. 

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