Daily usage can slow down your tablet and hinder it from performing at full capacity. This is because daily usage can cause the accumulation of many cached files in the memory, increased usage of RAM, and overloading of the processor. It affects the way you use the tablet and this can often get frustrating. Besides, this slow performance can also take a toll on the battery life of your tablet.

Simply optimizing the device is not enough, as it cannot fully enhance the speed and performance of your tablet. However, there are cleaner apps available in the Google Play Store that can help to clean up your tablet. These apps are simple to use and can deeply clean the tablet of all caches and temporary files, thus making it perform faster. Below is a list of the 5 best cleaner apps for your Android tablet.

Clean Master

Clean Master is one of the best tools that can totally clean your tablet and make it run faster. This app has a Junk Files tool that can scan and clean all the cache and temporary files stored on your device. Besides, Clean Master comes with various other useful tools such as app manager, in-built antivirus software, and device boost features. Using this app, you can also free up storage on the internal memory thus saving valuable storage.


Another top cleaner app that you can install on your Android tablet is CCleaner. It allows you to fully clean your tablet of its application cache, browsing history, clear download folders, and temporary files. Besides, CCleaner also allows you to clear the call and message logs on your tablet. It comes with several other features like app manager and meters for the CPU, RAM and Storage, that lets you know the status of your device.

DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is another top cleaner app that you can use for your tablet. By installing this app, you can deeply clear your tablet of all junk files that can take up valuable storage space. DU Speed Booster comes with a one-tap accelerator that can free the device RAM and thus enhance the performance. Another feature is that it comes with an antivirus scanner that gives your tablet additional protection from any malicious programs.

SD Maid

If you are running out of storage space on your tablet, it is better to install the SD Maid app. SD Maid is a storage maintenance app can help to clear any unwanted and temporary files and thus save storage space on your device. It can effectively remove all the temporary files and clear up unwanted files and folders created during the uninstalling of various apps.

360 Security Lite

360 Security Lite is a combination of an optimizer, speed booster, battery saver, and antivirus app. It can help to clear your tablet of all junk and cache files and enhance the battery life. Besides, 360 Security Lite comes with other features like antivirus and intelligent cloud scan that will help to keep your device safe.

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