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Compress the bulk of files into a single package in order to send it smoothly. This is known as “zipping files.” The sender can unzip the file in order to view multiple files packed inside it. There are various apps available that facilitate you in zipping and unzipping the file on Android devices.

Installing these is free of cost, and they are easy to use as well. Let us have a glance at these fabulous apps.  

ES File Explorer:

It is one of the most amazing apps that you must have in your device. ES File Explorer is basically the free file manager app that manages your file perfectly and aids you in unzipping it with ease. Hence, users who do office jobs should consider installing it at their priority.  Installing it is quite easier as you need to type ES File Explorer in the Google Play Store and then tap on the icon of it.

At the left of it is a tree, tap on it to open the zip file. You would be asked by the device for your preference for opening the zip file. Here, you can choose this app to open it and may also select it as a default app for opening the zip file every time.  Zip File On Android Device


WinZip is being used by people throughout the globe. It is a significant part of their Android devices. This is a brilliant app as it provides support to various types of famous archives files as well. When it comes to the device, then it seems to be an adorable one with smooth performance. Compressing the files is a professional way of sending the files. Sending multiple files openly depicts unprofessionalism.

Hence, when you wish to take steps towards professionalism, then ensure to be prepared for it and prepare your device accordingly. Download the app for zipping and unzipping of file for having massive facilitation in routine life. 


Android users can install ZArchiever in their device for free of cost. It offers a marvelous and amazing user experience and supports a plethora of archives files. In addition to this, the facility of password protection is an ideal one that secures your files amazingly. Get your files to be unzipped quickly.

If you have no app for unzipping the folder then you are unable to approach the files that are compressed inside the folder.

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