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If you are a tablet user, then you are aware that most of the new tablets in the market come with the latest window 10 tablet mode. No doubt that Windows has the latest amazing features in it that enhances the performance of the tablet, but at the same time, most tablet users face the issue with its battery life. 

The battery lives of tablets that have Windows installed are not very reliable. The major reason behind this issue is that the latest Windows requires a lot of battery life, and it consumes the battery quickly as compared with tablets that have a different Windows mode.

If you have a tablet that has a windows 10 tablet mode on and you face the same battery issue, then you can use certain apps that are really good to increase the battery life of the tablets. Some of the apps are free of cost, while you have to pay for others. However, these apps work so well when it comes to boosting the battery and enhancing the inner workings of your tablet. If you aren’t sure about which app to choose for your tablet, then this article is especially for you. We have listed some of the top-ranked battery-saving apps that help to boost the battery life easily.


  • Greenify


This is one of the most used batteries saving app by tablet users. This app sees and notes the apps that are causing battery issues and closes them automatically from the background and make sure that you get the best battery life. 


  • Amplify (root)


Amplify is one of the most used apps by tablet users that have windows 10 tablet mode. The app has such features that are quite good at keeping the battery life of the tablet long-lasting and makes sure that it does not affect the performance of other apps. It works as a wake clock. That means that this app prevents your tablet from turning to sleep mode. With this app, you can easily know about the apps that are draining your tablet’s battery in the background and can turn them off at the right time. This app is very easy to use by a level user. If you can’t afford to buy the full app, then you can enjoy it for free. However, you can also get its pro version as well and that has some amazing features. This is the battery saving app that must be installed in all tablets having windows 10 tablet mode. 

window 10 tablet mode

  • Wake clock detector 

The app usually detects the wake clocks and tells you at the right time so you can uninstall the issue and install the alternative at the right time before your battery starts to drain.


  • GSam Battery Monitor (root or non-root)


This is another battery saving app that all the tablet users must have to prevent their battery from draining. This app doesn’t work automatically; that means that it won’t save your battery life on its own. It will tell you about which app is the cause of your battery drainage. You can utilize that data to improve your own battery life. It can show subtleties on wake locks, wake time, and even CPU and sensor information. It has been confronted with a few troubles with the most recent variants of Android.

There is a root buddy that can convey extra data on the off chance that you have root. It’s quite useful for what it is. If you are using a tablet with windows 10 tablet mode, then you can give this app a try and boost your battery’s life. 


  • Service


This app works similarly to all the other apps. The basic function of this app is to detect the power-draining apps from the background and close them on its own.

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