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Why shop for a new android tablet when you have bad Wi-Fi? Let us just fix the Wi-Fi problem first. Almost more than half of our populations who are at some point in life connected to technology don’t know about the advancement of Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi services are enhanced and improved every other day for your own ease so that you can enjoy and feel the best speed on your device. 

We all have Wi-Fi networks and routers at home, and we have different needs of bandwidths as well. We all use different applications, and we all have a different number of usages with our respective Wi-Fi, but we all at some point face the issue of lack of speed and connectivity if some extra devices are connected to the router.

Techs are looking for the best solutions for their customers to get the best service without any leggings and connectivity issues. Last year the Wi-Fi fraternity was successful in launching the ultimate Wi-Fi system and router. The year 2018 embarks the success of their hard work and their ambition and commitment to their clients.

We are discussing the special features and advantages of the Wi-Fi 6 system. You must read this article and postpone the tablet. So, let’s move towards our topic in detail. android tablet

Is Wi-Fi 6 About Speeds?

You must be wondering what’s new about the Wi-Fi 6 and how it works. Don’t worry we will explain it to you in detail. The first thing to know is that Wi-Fi 6 has a top speed of 9.6 GBps which is way too much and beyond our imagination, let alone our usage. The maximum and the top usage of internet required is noted as 72mbps, and it is in the United States, so you see this Wi-Fi 6 system is an ideal system which is way ahead of its league, and we will need a rapid enhancement in other technology to overcome this gap and to need this kind of speed on our systems!

Keep in mind that NASA uses the Wi-Fi 5 system, and they actually don’t need it, and they are not even using half of its capacity.

 android tablet

How Useful Is It?

Wi-Fi 6 solves a lot of our problems like connectivity and lagging. If you have a Wi-Fi 6 system installed at your premises, you will freely surf the internet on as many devices as  you want with no problems!

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