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Heating Problem Causes

Android tablets and smartphones have become much powerful in the last few years. The latest Android tablets and smartphones feature Octa-Core processors with 2 GB or 4 GB RAM, and can be brought from the many tablets wholesale dealers. In terms of performance, the Android gadgets are not far from laptops and desktops. However, all this processing power comes at a price, which is the heating problem.

Android Heating Causes

There can be many reasons for your Android tablet to heat up. Some of the common causes are explained below.

Issues with the Charger or Battery

If your Android tablet heats up while charging only, it can be caused by issues with the charger or the battery of the device. If the heating issue of the tablet is leading to battery drain, then you can ensure that either the battery or the USB cable is faulty. In such scenarios, you can try to charge the device from a different charger and cable to see it the device keeps heating up.

If you find that everything is okay when you charge the device with a different charger, then you can be certain that the charger is faulty. Simply buying a new charger would help fix the issue.

Heating on Heavy Usage

This is yet another cause of heating in Android devices. The CPU of the device can also get heated up when you use the device very heavily. To find if the CPU of the device is heating it up, you can install a temperature-monitoring app to check the working temperature of the CPU of the device.

It is normal for the device to heat up a bit when being used for a long time to perform processor intensive functions like playing high graphics HD games for a long time, using many processor intensive apps at the same time, and so on. As these devices do not feature an effective heat transfer or cooling system, it is normal for the tablet to heat up in these scenarios.

External Temperature

The external temperature conditions will also contribute to the heating problem. Experts say that if the external temperature is above twenty-five degrees, Android devices may start to heat up. Therefore, you need to make sure that you do not leave the phone in direct sun light.

Choosing the wrong protective case can also add up to the heating issue of the device. So make sure that the protective case that you use is not too tight, as using tight cases will prevent the heat from escaping out of the phone leading to heat buildup.

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