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Useful Tricks For Ipad

There are many useful features in the iPad that you might have got from a store that rent tablets. Many users don’t know about these features that can help using the device more interesting. Some of these useful tricks are discussed below in the post.

Make Typing Comfortable by Switching to Keyboard to Thumb Mode

There is a different keyboard in the iPad that will let you type with your thumbs, and to see this keyboard, you just need to swipe two fingers across the default keyboard of the device. An alternative way is to press and drag the Dock and Merge button located at the bottom right hand corner of the default keyboard. This will change the keyboard into thumb mode and you will be able to drag the keyboard to the location you want.

Enable Guided Access When a Child Plays With your iPad

Guided Access is a mode in iPad, which when turned on keeps the users from errantly tapping or clicking within an app to accidentally deleting something or ending up a place where they are not supposed to be. To enable Guided Access, go to Settings, select General, Accessibility, and tap on Guided Access. You can also turn on the Accessibility Shortcut from this page. To turn on the Accessibility Shortcut, triple click on the Home button in the app you want to turn on the feature.

Get to Camera Without Unlocking the iPad

When the device is in locked state, you will be able to see a small camera icon on the bottom right corner of the home screen. You can swipe up on this icon, to open the Camera app without unlocking the iPad. This trick can be much handy when you need to access the camera quickly to capture something worthy. This trick can also be helpful while handing the iPad to someone else to take photos. They would not have to unlock the device to take photo.

Take Selfies with Earbud Button

You can click on the Volume+ button on the Apple ear buds while in the camera mode to shoot and click images. You can also click on the Play/Pause button to shoot while in video mode.

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