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Android is one of the most popular operating system for smartphone and tablet users worldwide. Its open nature along with a host of other features has ensued its popularity and usage in spite of other rival platforms like iOS and Windows. The flexibility and ease of use it provides to the user is unparalleled resulting in increased customization options.

The Developer Options is one such feature in the Android OS. It is a hidden settings option that contains many unique and advanced features that offers better control and customization of the OS to the user.

A majority of the users are ignorant of this amazing feature in their android device. However, it presents a host of features and settings to make your device more attuned to your preferences.

Unlocking Developer Options

To use this feature, it is first required to unlock Developer Options in your Android device. It is accessible in the Settings menu and under the About Device option. Tap repeatedly on the Build Number tab to unlock the feature. Then go back to the main menu and select the Developer Options tab.

Process Stats

Process Stats is a helpful feature present in the developer options that gives an overall detail about your device’s RAM memory usage. The RAM usage of the entire device and the individual usage of each app are displayed via a bar graph. Tapping on each of the app listings in the main process stats will provide detailed info about the app’s memory usage along with the option to force stop an app with excessive memory consumption.

Force GPU Rendering

This feature is particularly useful to resolve the slowdown of graphical performance of apps. Enabling the Force GPU Rendering option is an excellent way to fix any app that is experiencing graphics issues. This enables Android’s hardware acceleration feature, which makes the user experience smoother for apps.

Limit Background Processes

This option gives the user control over the processes that run in the background. It will limit the background processes running, thereby freeing up memory on your device for a faster performance. To enable it, select Limit Background Process and select any option accordingly.

Force RTL Layout

Force RTL Layout will change the orientation of all elements of your phone to a right to left layout. It is an excellent accessibility option for left hand users and those with their system language set to Arabic, Urdu, etc.

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