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Troubleshooting Google Nexus

On release, users of the new Google Nexus experienced some hassles while using the Nougat beta version. Google Android Nougat stock OS has been unleashed with brand new features that update Android from Marshmallow in Nexus models. The techies say that users of Nexus face some bugs in Nougat 7.1.1 beta version, the quick fixes to which are also being made available. It would take some time for Google to release an update, until then, the below troubleshoots would keep your Nexus trouble free.

Take Precautions at the Onset

It is said that application issues arise naturally at the onset of an OS release in particular. First up, check for an update to the present Nougat version; Google usually releases Over the Air (OTA) updates with inbuilt quick fixes for free apps. If an update too won’t solve app issues, then contact an app developer to know the extent of the issue in Nougat beta version. If possible, download apps from Google Play Store only in Nexus tablet as a precaution, instead of trying the developer forums.

Concerning Mobile Data

The Internet fulfills one of the basic requirements of a tablet user and signal reception is the main cause for data problems. Try rebooting your Nexus device running stock Android Nougat first up to see if a carrier is feeding the internet. If that doesn’t work, then turn on the Airplane Mode for some while and turn it off to see if your Nexus tracks a carrier. If not, go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Cellular Networks to troubleshoot issues concerning mobile data.

Concerning Wireless and Charging

Check the wireless router to see if that is working properly, and then go to Wi-Fi settings through either standard Settings menu or via Quick Settings option. When a list of Wi-Fi devices appears there, you can choose Forget to establish a connection instead of the folly one. Do remember this quick fix would cause your Nexus to forget wireless password so note it down somewhere. Now restart the router and then establish a new Wi-Fi connection.

Note that Google Nexus tablet’s battery works well if you consume the battery to 5 percent and then fully charge the device to clear the charging concerns. Wholesale tablets, most of them, feature stock chargers having the same volts, so make sure you purchase one for your Nexus.

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