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Troubleshooting Boot Loop

Android tablets are prone to numerous issues over regular usage. Most of the users have experienced at least one issue during their usage of Android tablets. However, these basic issues can be resolved by carrying out a diagnostics of the overall device. Besides that, many common advanced issues also occur in tablets such as boot loop, booting into recovery mode, etc. Because of such issues, it is better to purchase them from bulk wholesale tablets sites that are tested and approved for advanced use by expert technicians. Below are some of the troubleshooting methods for boot loop and recovery mode booting in Android tablets.

Boot Loop

Tablets stuck in a boot loop are one of the most common advanced issues found in Android tablets. The boot loop issue occurs mainly after installing custom ROMs and can be solved by removing the system entirely from the device. In the case of a custom ROM installed, the recovery option can be used for wiping the system in the tablet. Yet again, the ways by which the recovery mode is entered differs in various tablet models. Usually, the recovery mode is entered by pressing together the volume keys and the home button.

After entering into the recovery mode, use the volume keys for navigating. Select Advanced and then choose the Wipe Dalvik Cache option. After this is done, return to the main menu section and then choose the Wipe Data Factory Reset option. In addition, go back and select the Wipe Cache Partition followed by the Reboot System Now option.

The tablet will restart after this option is selected into the Android operating system. This will resolve most of the issues associated with boot loop.

Booting into Recovery Mode

Tablets that have a custom ROM installed might enter the recovery mode during the booting process. Continuously booting into the recovery mode is indicative of an issue with the chosen ROM. It requires a full re-installation of the firmware on the tablet. For properly upgrading the custom ROM firmware, backup the data on the internal memory of the tablet.

Go to Settings and enable the USB Debugging Option on the tablet. Use a computer to download the update file without unzipping it. Before that make sure that the tablet is rooted and a custom recovery image is installed in it. Copy the ROM file from the computer to the SD card and switch off the device. Reboot in into the recovery mode and wipe the system completely.

After that go back to the recovery menu and choose the Install Zip from SD Card option. Reboot the tablet after that, which will properly reinstall the custom ROM.

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