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When it comes to searching for the best tablet for your money, you should consider looking up some cheap tablets websites. Despite being cheap, you can still get an excellent deal from these websites. Before you do, we are going to discuss the best tablet brands available today.


Apple Ipads

Apple redefined gadgets for a whole new generation. Yes, tablets and touch screen PCs existed before the iPad. However, it was the incarnation of Steve Jobs’ new design that made the tablet PC a success.

IPad was first introduced in 2007, and it blew everyone away. At first, it was a premium device that only a few could afford, just like the brick phones of the 1980s. However, after a decade, you can find a decent older generation iPad at cheap tablets websites.

Just make sure it is in good condition and isn’t full of bloatware. If it is full of bloatware, you should probably consider purchasing another device.


Samsung’s lineup of Galaxy Tab is only second best next to the iPad. These are the premium Android tablets, and boast some of the best features you can find. Samsung gives head-on competition to Apple. Samsung released an affordable series of tablets at first, just like it did with smartphones.

With continuous success, these tablets did make their way into the premium pricing category. However, some cheap tablets websites offer older models of the Samsung tablet lineup at an affordable price.


Microsoft Surface proMicrosoft entered the tablet competition long before Apple and Samsung. It introduced tablet PCs back in the early 2000s with Windows XP. This idea didn’t take off like the iPad, and Microsoft in turn stepped back from the tablet marketplace.

However, it made a comeback with Surface series, and it’s known as one of the best tablets available. These tablets support laptop level hardware. These tablets are a bit expensive, but they gave iPad and Galaxy series a run for their money. Surface tablets support Windows 10 and are capable of running full software versions. These tablets have been around for a few years and you can pick one for an affordable rate.


The company joined the tablet competition soon after it made a success with its smartphones. Their tablets are an affordable option, but that doesn’t mean their build quality or hardware is subpar. Instead, they give you excellent value for your money.

Huawei dubs their tablet line up as Media Pad, and we have to say these are an incredible addition to the Android Tablet lineup. If you want a competitive Android tablet for an affordable price, you should consider going with Huawei.


Acer stepped up in the tablet marketplace a long time ago, and you can find their products at cheap tablets websites. These tablets offer a good value and performance ratio for your money. However, they are not as popular as the first three brands. If you want a reliable option and you are short on money, then you should give this brand a try.


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