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Compiling a list of the best Android applications available to users can be a difficult task. This is because there are varying options on what makes an application useful or great to the user.

The apps that your friends find interesting or useful might not be appealing to you. However, if you are an Android tablet user, then there will be a few apps, which have become an integral part of your life. These apps allow us to perform a number of tasks with ease. Below are some of the best Android apps of 2017 that you should definitely try.


This incredible application offers an abundant collection alarm tones, notification tones, ringtones, and attractive wallpapers to you. You can use these offerings to customize the basic parts of your tablet. In addition to that, Zedge also promotes numerous items during festive seasons, which help you to easily theme up your tablet for Halloween, Christmas, and other occasions.


Wunderlist is one of the most famous Android applications, which is used by millions of tablet users from all around the world. This incredible to-do-list app helps you to keep track of the important tasks you need or want to do. The free version of this app supports a number of basic functions such as reminders.


Tasker is one of the most powerful Android applications ever made, and it is an incredible application that allows you to design and create custom-made commands. This app also allows you to use these commands in a number of places, and you can use this app to create complex commands for NFC tags. However, if you an average Android tablet user, then it will take a little bit of time for you to make the most of this application.


You will certainly need a solid VPN if you want to keep your Android tablet safe on sketchy public Wi-Fi networks, and ExpressVPN can help you do that with ease. In fact, it is one of the most secure and trusted brands in the entire virtual private network industry.


1Weather is undoubtedly one of the best Android weather apps available out there. This app consists of a simple, paginated design, which shows the forecast up to 12 weeks, current weather, and many other fun stats. In addition to that, this app also offers a decent set of lightly customizable widgets to the user.

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