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Tablets, and the exceptional features they offer, can instantly take you to the world of entertainment and information, which was unimaginable a few years ago. However, if you are planning to buy a tablet for your parents, then it is wiser to settle for a simpler one, rather than opting for a tablet with numerous complex features and applications.

It might be difficult for not-so-tech-savvy parents to use a tablet that supports too many features and applications. However, they will be happier with a simpler model, which supports basic functions such as reading eBooks, accessing social media, watching movies, and others. Below are a few tips to set up your tablet so that your parents could use the device with ease.

Remove the Bloatware

You might not see the bloatware or the unnecessary baffling widgets and colored icons in the new tablet, but your parents will certainly notice this. Removing the unnecessary applications will save them a lot of trouble and make the device much easier to operate. So make sure to remove confusing app shortcuts and home screen widgets from the new tablet.

Fewer Home Screens

Many tablets, especially Android tablets, support having up to five home screens, and this might induce confusion for your parents who will have a hard time figuring out the device. Removing either few or one but all of the home screens is the accurate solution to this issue, as it will eliminate the confusion and allow your parents to use the device easily.

Design a Home Screen

After removing the bloatware and extra home screens, make sure to customize the home screen as per the needs and requirements of your parents. Include the applications they frequently use or build shortcuts for the necessary features such as web browser, contacts, gallery, etc. In addition to that, you could also add widgets for news applications, calendar, sticky notes, and reminders, if your parents know how to work around those.

Battery Management

It is essential to set your tablet in the most possible power efficient manner. Most tablets such as HTC, Sony, and other Android devices usually consist of ‘power saving’ tools, which will help the user to save power. Make sure to switch the power saving apps on, as it will improve the battery backup. Furthermore, set the screen brightness to a low but easily readable level.

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