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Tablets have a wide variety of uses aside from the common entertainment uses like watching videos, gaming, and internet browsing. Proper usage of tablets can be a major boost to your productivity, especially if employed for any business purposes. Apparently, it will help the business to grow and opens up new possibilities for your company.

Selecting the right accessories and applications is the best way to contribute in enhancing the productivity. In fact, their portability and flexibility makes tablet devices a necessary addition for tackling all kinds of business practices. The following are some of the tips to enhance the productivity of your tablet.

Installing Productivity Apps

Most tablets contain a number of pre-installed apps like clock/timer, calculator, email application, etc. However, when utilizing the tablets for use in your business, it is necessary to install apps that aids in your work. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store contain a million of such apps for you to select and install. Some of the most needed productivity apps include:

  • Dropbox – Dropbox is a highly useful app that lets you store, synchronize and share files online with anyone. Dropbox is a great addition that turns your tablet into a highly productive device for your businesses.
  • Skype – Skype is one of the most preferred communication and instant messaging app for your tablet. It offers video conference and a host of other features for all your communication needs.
  • iWork – This is the ideal app for Apple iPad users and is a combination of three useful apps Keynote, Numbers, and Pages.

Uninstalling Games

Tablets are perfect for gaming and are used for the very purpose by many. However, when incorporating your tablet into business, they can become distractions. This will affect your usage of the tablet as a productivity tool, which can have many adverse effects in the end. Uninstalling the games is the perfect way to eliminate all the distractions and be more focused on the work, hence increasing productivity.

Adding a Bluetooth Keyboard

The lack of a physical keyboard in tablet can be addressed by the addition of a Bluetooth. A portable Bluetooth keyboard makes it easier for all kinds of typing applications such as emailing, typing and editing documents, etc. It improves the overall experience of using the tablet and thereby increases the productivity.

Reorganize the Home Screen

Better productivity by using tablets is dependent on the easy access of the apps. Therefore, it is necessary to organize the home screen of the device with your most used and productive apps. Do not clutter the screen and always keep it simple and clean.

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