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Everyone says that iPads are simple to use, but there are even more secrets hiding under the glossy display of iPads that can help you improve the performance of the device and get the most out of it. The software tips that are shared below will surely help increase the performance of your Apple device.

Disable Keyboard Clicks

Many of the iOS users complain about the nasty keyboard click. You may find the keyboard click most annoying when travelling in a public transport system, so make sure that you are not part of the problem. Turning off the keyboard click will also help improve the performance of your Apple device. To turn the feature off, go to Settings > Sounds, and then Disable the keyboard click. You can find the Keyboard Clicks slider under the bottom of the list in Sounds.

Manage the Quickload Bar

The Quickload bar is one of the most important features of the Home screen of iOS devices. This is the dock of icons located at the bottom of the screen. If you wish to remove any app from the Quickload bar, hold on the app until it starts to vibrate and then drag the app out of the bar. You can add other apps to the Quickload bar in the same way; however, keep in mind that only up to six apps can be added to the Quickload bar.


iOS 6 offers some level of multi-tasking allowing different apps to run at the same time. You need to double tap the Home button to bring up the multi-tasking menu. Double tapping on the Home button bring up a little menu at the bottom of the display that shows the currently running apps. You may swipe left to right on the multi-tasking menu to reach a screen that allows you to control Volume, Music Playback, and Display Brightness. You can reach the multi-tasking menu from any window just by double tapping the Home button and allows you to load an app or game quickly from within another.

There is also the multi touch gesture that allows you to reach the multi tasking menu. To activate the multi-tasking menu, you may swipe up with four fingers on the screen. The multi tasking menu will pop-up with this gesture.

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