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Remember, new devices are available with Android 10. This mobile operating system is out to download on some smartphones. You can download this new operating system on smartphones of Google Pixel. Moreover, this update is available for OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro phones of a Chinese company.

For Android 10, your device must have a beta build. If your phone has a beta build, you can download this new operating system. You can update your pixel phones and other smartphones. 

Pixel Phones Have Hardware

The Pixel smartphones can take 1188.8MB update of Android 10. If you have a Pixel smartphone, you can upgrade its system on Android 9 or 10. It can bear a heavy 1.2GB update. You must have the latest version of pie to get this update. To sort important affairs, here are some necessary settings.

  • Open “Settings app” in pixel phone of the smartphone.
  • Scroll down, tap on options of the system and check advanced option.
  • Click on the advanced option in the system menu. It will be expanded to see available updates.
  • Check for system updates and verify if updates are available.
  • If updates are available, it means you have obtained the updates of Android 10.
  • Click on update option to upgrade your system.
  • Now your smartphone will check for updates and download them automatically. Once the download is complete, these will be installed on your phone. 
  • After installing these updates successfully on your device, you have to restart your phone.

Now you are ready to enjoy a new operating system. Android 10

Best Features of Android 10

The new operating system of Google is available with lots of new features. An impressive addition to this operating system is a dark mode. It may not hurt your eyes. You can change different themes and switch between apps. The dark theme of Google largely looks good because it can’t hurt the battery life of your phone

With an AMOLED display, you will be able to stream high-definition media content. Android 10 allows you to do more with your notifications. It features notifications options and machine-learning magic. In terms of security and privacy, you can manage password visibility, tracking behavior of device and app permissions. Moreover, you will have better control of location history, lock screen and other options.

Remember, Android 10 is aggressive about the security of apps. You may easily find information on third-party apps. Privacy improvement in Android 10 is hefty. There is no need to worry about the history and other issues. This update is not available for all phones. You can access this new version of eight mobiles of Google Pixel.

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