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Microsoft Surface productAre you looking for a tablet that can run windows? In this article, we are going to list some of the best windows tablet computer available in the market right now. Check out these options and choose which one  fits your needs, and most importantly, your budget.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

It has been called the best windows tablet computer. It’s  the latest addition to Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup. While it doesn’t bring any new features to the table, it has everything you would expect from a Microsoft Surface product. It has more powerful hardware and come in a new color option: black.

If you do purchase this tablet, you aren’t going to find a pen or type cover in the box.  Those are accessories that are sold separately. However, you are getting the best specs of a Windows tablet for $720. It packs 8th gen Intel i5 and i7 processor with 8GB-16GB ram. The Storage is 128GB-1TB SSD. The camera is 8MP rear and 5 MP front-facing.

Microsoft Surface Go

windows tablet computerThe affordable Windows tablet computer, is small in size, but delivers big when it comes to value.  It’s affordable, light weight, and easy to use. This tablet is not necessarily as powerful as the Surface Pro or the iPad. If you are looking for another tablet to compare it to, try it with the iPad Mini. It’s a budget tablet device that has been in demand for years.

With this tablet, Microsoft has introduced an affordable option. It’s elegant and it delivers without costing you a fortune. This tablet can be used for both your social entertainment and as a work device. It’s an excellent portable option.

Acer Switch 5

Surprisingly, Acer makes an excellent windows tablet computer called the Acer Switch 5. This is an excellent alternative to Surface Pro line up. This tablet offers a solid performance for a great price. If you want a tablet with the portability of a Surface Pro, but have a budget that’s on the lower side, then this is probably your best option. This is one of the best window tablets you can buy for your money. It’s an excellent option to get stuff done while you are on the go and can fit into almost any budget.

It packs an Intel Core i5 with Intel HD graphics and 8GB RAM. The storage is 256GB SSD. The camera is 3 MP rear and 1 MP front.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

best tablet SamsungThe best tablet Samsung has for windows. It comes with a fast Intel core processor with Intel HD graphics. It has 4GB ram and has AMOLED display with multi-touch. The cameras on this tablet are both 5 MP, front and rear. This tablet has all of the latest and greatest features. It’s a thin and light product that works both as a workstation and an entertainment device.

It is also good to know that this tablet has a massive battery which can  last a whole day of use. The screen is bright and it has excellent speakers. The features and specs are really in a league of their own.  


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