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Tablets and smartphones are devices that are supposed to save us lot of time, but if we wish to get the most out of our Android tablets, we have to do a little work. Devices that are powered by the Android operating system are very much customizable and offer many great features, but some of the best shortcuts of the operating system have to be unlocked.

Launch Camera Easily

This happens to us a lot. We see something interesting, take out our tablet or smartphone and fumble to open the camera. However, by the time we open the camera, all the action will be over.

Fortunately, there is an easy fox for the problem. You can quickly open the camera just by double tapping on the home button or the power button. This shortcut works on the latest Nexus and Samsung devices.

If your device is running on Android Marshmallow, you can launch the camera of the device right from the lock screen. You just need to tap, hold and swipe on the camera icon to take a photo without unlocking the device.

Unlock Your Device

Unlocking your Android tablet is not time consuming, but it can be much annoying to unlock the device constantly when you are relaxing comfortably at home, or some other place where you do not feel the need to lock your device.

Google Smart Lock is a feature that can help you keep your device unlocked when it is in a trusted place or when the device is paired with some other trusted device, like a smart watch.

Messaging and Phone Calls

One of the best features of the Android operating system is the widgets. Users can not only make widgets for apps, but also contact widgets for the people saved in contacts. You just need to press and hold the home screen, select widgets and move to the contacts section. From the contacts section, you will be able to add widgets for messaging and calling to any contact saved on your Android device.

You can also avoid incoming calls at inconvenient times. Quick Responses is the feature that helps you to make canned responses the incoming calls. Users can set up canned messages like “call you back in an hour” or “can’t talk now,” and send these messages to avoid phone tag.

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