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Google is Trying to Promote Android Instant Apps

Google recently rolled out a number of excellent features in order to boost the appeal of the Android apps in the Google Play Store. The latest features introduced by Google will allow Android tablets users to use the major feature...


How to Update an Android Tablet

Android tablet manufacturers launch a new version of their operating system for devices such as tablets and smartphones every one or two years. You will receive a notification message on the screen of your tablet when the update becomes available....


How to Move Apps on an Android Tablet to a MicroSD Card

Most of the new Android tablets that are available in the market now have more internal storage space than older Android tablets. However, Android tablet users who have settled for budget models often complain that the storage space of their...


How to Fix Apps Crashing or Freezing Issue on Android Tablets

One of the major advantages of using an Android tablet is that we get access to a number of excellent apps that allow us to make the most of the device. Android users get instant access to a wide variety...


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