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  • October 28th, 2019
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Is There Anything Worth Getting Excited About the Chrome Tablet?

Google and its partners are and have always been famous for their software work. They were never a hardware or gadget builder, but in recent years we have been seeing that Google has started producing its own chrome books and...


How to Configure Android Refurbished Tablets for the Classroom

Teachers use the Android refurbished tablets in the classrooms for advanced teaching. Yet in order to enable that facility for students, teachers should configure the Android Device Enrollment app in the Android tablet first. For that, download and install the...


Troubleshoots and Precautions for Google Nexus Running Stock Android Nougat

On release, users of the new Google Nexus experienced some hassles while using the Nougat beta version. Google Android Nougat stock OS has been unleashed with brand new features that update Android from Marshmallow in Nexus models. The techies say...


Get Refurbished Tablets from WholesaleTablets.Com

Wholesale Tablets sell and rent refurbished tablets to lovers of both Apple and Android tablet devices. We show users as to how far the tablet market has come of age in the year 2017. In fact, educational institutes and companies...


Buying Tips for Refurbished Tablet

If you are a budget-savvy customer not being able to afford a high-end tablet, your safe bet is to own a refurbished device. The tablets wholesale markets offer them individually with given discounts from the original price. Often, the technicians...


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