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Is your Android Tablet Restarting by Itself?

Android has grown in to a much popular operating system and it currently powers more devices than the Windows operating system. Google has done a great job in developing and updating the Android operating system. The operating system has become reliable, stable, and more intelligent with newer updates. However, many users are still using the older versions of the operating system, which can become unresponsive and unstable, and can misbehave sometimes. Users of old Android devices often complain about unexpected restart of the device. It is not always easy to find out why your Android tablet keeps on restarting. However,…

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How to Fix Fingerprint Scanner not Working Issues in Samsung Tablets

Many new tablet models from Samsung like Galaxy Tab S3 are equipped with a fingerprint scanner that makes using the device easy. The feature makes it very convenient to unlock the device, however, things can go wrong and the scanner may not work for some reasons. Some of the issues with fingerprint scanner in Samsung tablets and their fixes are explained below. Device Failing to Recognize Fingerprint Tablets may fail to recognize your fingerprint due to many reasons, and in such situations, you need to unlock the device by providing the password. However, what if you have forgotten the password?…

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Introduction to Android In-Apps Feature

There are designated applications to identify callers and listen to music on the Android platform. At times, it could get tricky for users to spot the exact song or search for content on apps. So below is a cool way to search content easily on your tablet. Benefits of In-Apps Feature One could quickly search content through the In-Apps feature on Android. Go to the In-Apps tab on the Google app to trigger the feature. In fact, In-Apps synchronize well with Gmail and YouTube, the two main content sharing platforms on your device. Yet you can also check for new…