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Introduction to Android In-Apps Feature

There are designated applications to identify callers and listen to music on the Android platform. At times, it could get tricky for users to spot the exact song or search for content on apps. So below is a cool way to search content easily on your tablet. Benefits of In-Apps Feature One could quickly search content through the In-Apps feature on Android. Go to the In-Apps tab on the Google app to trigger the feature. In fact, In-Apps synchronize well with Gmail and YouTube, the two main content sharing platforms on your device. Yet you can also check for new…

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Essential Widgets for your Android Tablet

The dependence on Android tablets has increased extensively among the users. To serve many of the daily needs of the users, tablets contain numerous applications for every purpose. In addition to the apps, every Android tablet contains an array of useful widgets in them. They have the advantage over conventional apps, as they are handier and easy to access. Adding them to the home screen is relatively much easier and will aid the user in many immediate uses. The widgets that come along with your tablet are mainly simple ones that are highly limited in their functions. However, there are…

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Unlocking the Developer Options Settings in Android

Android is one of the most popular operating system for smartphone and tablet users worldwide. Its open nature along with a host of other features has ensued its popularity and usage in spite of other rival platforms like iOS and Windows. The flexibility and ease of use it provides to the user is unparalleled resulting in increased customization options. The Developer Options is one such feature in the Android OS. It is a hidden settings option that contains many unique and advanced features that offers better control and customization of the OS to the user. A majority of the users…

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Top iPad Pro Alternatives to Consider

Apple’s iPad Pro is an excellent package of all the great features found in a tablet. It comes in two packages – the 9.7-inch and the 12.9-inch models. With a price range of 850 to 1,070 dollars, it is a rather expensive device available now to consider. There many other tablets from reputed brands that offers viable alternatives than buying the iPad Pro. Most of these tablets are much versatile and cheaper than the iPad, and some of the best alternatives for you to consider are discussed below. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Samsung’s tablet lineup has successfully stood against…

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Top 5 Android Apps of 2017

Compiling a list of the best Android applications available to users can be a difficult task. This is because there are varying options on what makes an application useful or great to the user. The apps that your friends find interesting or useful might not be appealing to you. However, if you are an Android tablet user, then there will be a few apps, which have become an integral part of your life. These apps allow us to perform a number of tasks with ease. Below are some of the best Android apps of 2017 that you should definitely try….

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Some Amazing Android Features you Should Use

Android is a powerful operating system that has many tools and configuration options, but we only use some of the most useful features of the OS. Some of the features are buried so deep that average users will never find these features. However, this does not mean that you should let the killer features get away. Some of the interesting features of the Android operating system are explained below. Android Device Manager The Google Play Services manages all the back end services of the OS and it is frequently updated in the background. There are many functionalities packed away in…

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What to do When your Android Tablet does not Turn on

We all know that Android tablets and phones have only a few buttons, and the only way you can turn the tablet on, is by pressing on the power button. Yet, what if that does not work? Do not panic if you ever experience this kind of situation; Android devices can refuse to turn on or wake up at times, and this does not mean that your tablet is broken. The easy tips that are shared below will help you boot up your device again. Remove the Battery or Long-Press the Power Button It is possible for the electronic devices…

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The Best Android Shortcuts for you

Tablets and smartphones are devices that are supposed to save us lot of time, but if we wish to get the most out of our Android tablets, we have to do a little work. Devices that are powered by the Android operating system are very much customizable and offer many great features, but some of the best shortcuts of the operating system have to be unlocked. Launch Camera Easily This happens to us a lot. We see something interesting, take out our tablet or smartphone and fumble to open the camera. However, by the time we open the camera, all…

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Things to do before Using a New Android Tablet

Christmas is nearing and you may ask for an Android tablet as gift this year. However, before downloading games and apps to the new tablet, you should follow the steps that are discussed below to make sure that your tablet works smoothly. These steps are not mandatory, but they would definitely improve your tablet experience. Install File Manager A file manager will come handy while running many applications at the same time, such as TV shows games and documents. You can use file manager to run or end applications, or search for files with a single click. File manager applications…

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Benefits of Android Powered Tablets

With the developments and advancements made to the Android operating system, Android tablets have become a great way to surf the internet and watch videos online. These tablets have become much portable, lightweight, and offer big touch screen displays that makes viewing a real pleasure. These tablets help you save a lot of space and time, as they have only those components that are needed for media use. These tablets are powered by Android operating system from Google, which has overtaken Apple’s iOS as the most popular operating system for portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. The OS is…