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Speeding Up Ipad

Statistics show that most of the smartphone users upgrade to a new device every eighteen months or so. However, the case with the higher priced devices like iPads is different. Many users tend to prefer the same iPad model for long owing to its quality. As iPads offer long years of service, most users do not feel the need to upgrade the device. However, as per wholesale iPad dealers, you might experience slowness while using the device with time. Dealers of wholesale tablets say that when you feel that your iPad is sluggish, you can do the things that are explained below to speed up your device.

Clear the Web Cache

Clearing the cache of the phone is equivalent to emptying the trash bin. If you visit more websites, more will be the information stored in the folder of your web browser. When the cache of your device is full, the device can slow down. To clear the cache of Safari browser, go to Settings, select Safari, and tap on Clear History and Data

Backup Images to iCloud

Images stored in your iPad can eat away a major portion of the iPad memory. Therefore, it will be a good idea to take advantage of the cloud. You can store the images in iCloud to save memory space on the device. Apple offers 5 GB of free iCloud storage with their devices and if you feel that the 5 GB space is not enough, you can buy extra iCloud storage from Apple. To turn on iCloud sharing, navigate to Settings, select iCloud and Login if you have an account or setup a free account, select Photos, and choose iCloud Photo Library.

Delete Unused Apps

Just swipe through your iPad and you will find many applications that you do not use much, or may have never used. Delete all those apps that you do not need to free up the memory space of the device. Make sure that all the app settings and files are removed from the memory of the device after deleting the unwanted apps.

Wipe Completely

If none of the above steps helped you to speed up your iPad, you may need to perform a complete wipe of the device. Restoring the device to factory settings will wipe all data stored in it, so you will need to backup the device before restoring it. To restore the device, go to Settings, select General, Reset, and Erase All Content and Settings.

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