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As technology is growing and the world is moving towards digital life, the kids are also suing many gadgets that are developed mainly for them. Many kids are using the best new tablets, but the gadget developers have made amazing Chromebook especially for kids that are operated by the Chrome operating system. These are the type of computer or laptop that has low risk to viruses and malware than the regular ones.

In recent times, you cannot prevent your child from using the technology or gadgets. So it is good if you offer them the right gadgets for the right use. The Chromebooks are an ideal option for kids as they are reasonable and affordable in price than the best new tablets. It is also a safer option. Following are few best Chromebook options for kids:

Asus Chromebook C202sa – Ys02:

The kids are not as mature or responsible for using gadgets as adults. Their gadgets must be waterproof. This Chromebook has been made by keeping this idea in mind of water resistance. It also has saved the outer body and edges by the rubber to avoid any damage. The rubber also provides a strong grip on the table surface. The size of this chrome book is smaller than the best new tablets in order to facilitate the kids in holding it properly with great ease. Such characteristics are not provided by any best new tablets. It has a screen of 11.6 inches in size. This Chromebook provides the high-resolution interface with a battery life of long 10 hours that is sufficient for the kids.

Acer Chromebook 14 Cb3-431-C5fm:

The look of the Acer Chromebook is so stylish and appealing because of its aluminum case outwards. Kids love to hold it in their hands as it provides the feel of having a super gadget in their hands. The screen display is 14 inches that provide a great surface to play the games. The visibility is quite clear due to the HD screen. The battery life last log for 12 hours normally.

You can get the Chromebooks for your kids and the best new tablets for you on online shopping stores — the Acer Chromebook aha the 4 GB ram with the intel HD graphics. The interface is simple for the understanding of kids. You can connect the WiFi on this Chromebook and get the fastest speed possible. It is a relatively cheap option available for the kids by which they can learn technology or do their assignments.

Samsung Chromebook 3 Xe500c13-K01us:

Before buying any gadget, patients think over the price of the gadget. It is really not safe to buy an expensive gadget and handover to the child. They need an affordable yet cheaper gadget with great features for their kids. So the Samsung Chromebook is the solution as it is quite cheaper in price than the best new tablets. It has an 11.6-inch screen size. It has a 2 GB ram and 16 Gb storage that is enough for a child’s use.

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