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You should consider memory upgrades for your device. These things can increase the speed of your machine. Memory is one of those components that can slow down your computer. It is essential to identify this issue and fix it to optimize the performance of your tablet. If you are not sure about issues in your RAM, you have to check the memory needs of your PC. Here are some classifications for the memory in PC devices:

  • 2GB is available in affordable tablets. You can upgrade this memory in your machine.
  • 4GB is an entry-level memory for budgeted notebooks. You may find it good in basic Chrome and Windows operating system.
  • 8GB can be an excellent choice for gamers
  • For professional work and demanding games, you will need 16GB memory.
  • Remember, purpose-built workstations and enthusiasts need 32GB of RAM.

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If you are sure that memory is causing performance issues, you have to upgrade the memory of your system. It is easy to learn the way to install RAM for a quick boost to the power of your PC. Here is a simple guide to change the RAM of your system.

Before choosing a RAM, consider the motherboard of your device. It must have the capability to support size, type and speed of your RAM. See this step-by-step guide:

Disconnect a power cable from your device, unplug back-panel cables to work with your system safely.

Remove a side panel to get full access to the interior and check RAM slots. They are available near the processor and chunky cooler. If your system already has a RAM, eject it carefully by firmly pressing the tabs on motherboard and remove your RAM gently. 

Carefully line up the notches in the base of sticks with gaps to install a new RAM in the slots on a motherboard. The wings of both ends of the slot must be pushed back. They have tilted away from RAM. Line them correctly and push down on the top of a stick. Remember, wings will securely clamp in to hold the RAM. You must be careful when installing new RAM because the wrong procedure can damage your motherboard.

After clicking the stick into its place, you must confirm that clips of the wings are locked in to hold the memory stick firmly in the slots. 

After installing a RAM, plug all cables of the system back and try to boot your system. Remember, your computer will not startup if there is a problem in the installation of RAM. If you are detecting any issue, recheck your newly installed RAM. 

Once your system startup, ensure that your system profile is display the correct amount of RAM. After successfully installing your RAM, it will be easy for you to increase the speed of your computer. 

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