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The Android Nougat is up for grabs for selected Samsung tablets; the N series from Android took a while to launch. The trademark name made Nougat a much-awaited update for the Android operating system, even as Samsung gets ready for launching updated versions of their tablets.

Android Nougat Additions on Samsung Galaxy S8

On the Galaxy S8, the Nougat has Bixby virtual assistant which connects to third-party applications on-the-go. Samsung has tied-up with external digital communities in the cyberspace to make their brand new music application into a cult hit. The present update is Android 7.0, though further upgrades are available on other galaxy models.

Nougat on Samsung Galaxy S7

The highlight here is a feature called “Samsung Pass” which makes remembering passwords a thing of the past. The Galaxy S7 has plenty of home screen widgets, inviting more transparency on the application folders. You can tell the difference in stock nougat and galaxy nougat once you get a bite yourselves but one thing is for sure, the user interface would be slightly different.

Nougat on Samsung Galaxy S6

An April release is expected to roll out for the Galaxy S6 having Android 7.0 with features differing with the service carriers. Samsung provides 15 gigabytes of cloud storage free with this version of Samsung Galaxy. With the Over the Air update, the file size would reduce invariably from 1.3 gigabytes to much lower, making installation of the update somewhat quicker.

Nougat on Limited Edition

The Galaxy Note 5 awaits the release of Nougat in Turkey alongside some of the other countries in the Middle East. The good thing is, the Over the Air update would get more of a push in that part of the world due to the wide availability of public Wi-Fi networks. The US market would anticipate a slightly bulkier update to Nougat on the Note 5 when Samsung eventually rolls it out to the users. What do you think? 1.4 Gigabytes or is it going to be 1.5?

The carriers play a big role in how well and transparently the Nougat update is distributed to the tablet users around the world. Expect all the frequent upgrades in play store, and most invariably a revamped version of the Marshmallow. The release date on all parts is far from clear, although much like sweet candies, one is certain the respective releases would result in new launches in the wholesale tablets market.

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