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Android Tablet Restarting By Itself

Android has grown in to a much popular operating system and it currently powers more devices than the Windows operating system. Google has done a great job in developing and updating the Android operating system. The operating system has become reliable, stable, and more intelligent with newer updates. However, many users are still using the older versions of the operating system, which can become unresponsive and unstable, and can misbehave sometimes.

Users of old Android devices often complain about unexpected restart of the device. It is not always easy to find out why your Android tablet keeps on restarting. However, the tips shared by bulk wholesale Android tablets dealers might help you to understand more about the restart issue of your Android tablet.

Android Reboot Symptoms

The reboot issue in Android tablets can be categorized into three groups:

Situation- Specific Reboot – The tablet might restart in specific situations. For instance, when you open a particular app or try to access certain features, or try to change something in the Settings of the tablet.

Heavy-Usage Reboot – This reboot occurs when you use the tablet actively. Heavy usage reboot can happen when you play high definition games on the tablet or use too many apps at the same time.

Out-Of-The-Blue Reboot – This type of reboot occurs without any clearly identifiable reason and is the most difficult to troubleshoot reboot issue in Android operating system. The device might reboot without any particular cause or reason, even if you are not using the tablet heavily.

Android Reboot Types

Android devices can have two types of reboot as described below.

Hard Reboot – The tablet will restart completely and takes up some time for the device to boot up. With this type of restart, you will hear the welcome tone and the logo of the manufacturer. This will be as if you have turned off the tablet and turned it on again.

Soft Reboot – In the soft reboot, only the Android operating system restarts. In this type of reboot, you will see a white screen for a few seconds and everything will come back to normal. Soft reboot is not a compete reboot and can be caused due to the temporary overheating of the device or a misbehaving app.

If soft reboot is the issue with your Android tablet, you need not worry much unless the reboot happens very often. Still, you can contact an Android repairperson to fix the issue.

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