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You see 2019 is passing on, and with the new year comes new gadgets, in this time we have seen plenty of major changes going on in the market. New technologies are being introduced day by day, new gadgets and new models are being developed every second of the day. People in the tech world are trying their bests to provide the best tools to their customers.

What to Buy – PC or Tablet?

Today people are more interested in buying tablets then cheap desktop computers. Now the question that we are discussing today is: Is the iPad mini a good choice for a potential buyer ready to invest some money in tablets. So let’s talk about its pros and cons and a bit of its history.

iPad Mini – Still a Better Option

The iPad mini was last updated in 2015, and the last update was iPad mini 4. We have been in touch with some people from Apple, and we asked them about why the device did not update as the other Apple series are being upgraded every year or so, and they replied that their iPad mini 4 had received a lot of acceptance over the last many years and they don’t want to ruin it by trying over a new experiment. The reason they say is that their customers are not that fan of its specs and its price but of its size. The brand image of apple can be carried in one’s hand with the Apple iPad 4 mini. 

The iPad 4 Mini cost you around 500$ if you get in now and its size and everything is very compact and perfect if you compare it with the pro or air series of apple. Plus, with that, if you compare android tablets with apple, then the best comparison can be made with the Apple iPad mini 4 as it is the only one that falls in the same category.used desktop computers

Keep iOS Updated

Apple launches software updates every now and then, which is compatible with the old devices as well and so they don’t need to change the design or anything. But the question remains answered that whether you should buy an Apple iPad mini in 2019 or not. If you are a diehard Apple fan and are low on budget, then this is a good choice for you, but if you are not interested in using the same old thing, then you should probably go with Samsung or Chrome tablets that are new in the market! But should you buy a tablet anyways instead of getting cheap desktop computers!

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