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Android Tablet Basic Customizations

One of the main benefits of using Android tablets is the presence of numerous settings that can offer a truly customizable experience to the user. All this are included in the Settings app of the tablet, which is identified by its gear symbol. Using the app drawer is an easier way to navigate to the Settings option in your tablet.

The app drawer will list out all the apps that are installed on your device in an alphabetical order. The Settings app can be found by scrolling down the apps or by using the search bar. Below is how to use Settings app to make basic customizations in your Android tablet.

Disabling or Uninstalling Apps

Some of the apps that come preloaded in the tablet cannot be uninstalled. There is a disable option available that will stop the app from functioning temporarily. For disabling an app, go to Settings and select the app that you want to disable in the Apps category. Tap on the Disable option for temporarily disabling the app.

Uninstalling will fully remove the app from your device and is a preferred option if you lack storage space. Select the app that you want to install from Apps and tap on the Uninstall option to remove the app from your tablet.

Filtering Down Notifications

Notifications can sometimes become annoying when you are using the tablet. They pop up on the lock screen and accessing them requires swiping down from the top of the display. You can filter the notifications that are received in order to select which one to appear. For this, go to Settings and tap on the Notifications option. Select the app for which you want to stop notifications and tap on the Block All option. To completely disable showing notifications on the lock screen select the On The Lock Screen option located near the gear icon at the top right in Notifications.

Enhancing Font Size

You can customize the font size displayed on your tablet to make reading appear easier. This will be particularly useful if you have any minor eyesight problems. The Settings app has the option to increase the font size displayed on the device. To enhance the font size in your tablet, open the Settings app, navigate down and select the Display option. Select the Font Size and toggle the slider upwards or downwards to change the size of the text.

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