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You can use different apps to send and receive text messages. Messaging service is vital to communicate with your friends, loved ones, colleagues and other people. Your devices may have valuable information, court evidence, secrets of company and love messages. 

People often try to save this information forever by taking print outs of text messages. It is possible to make prints from android devices. Here are some easy solutions to take print outs of text messages.

Use Android Manager

If you want to print out android texts, you will need an android manager program. This SMS program will help you to print text messages from android phones into HTML and word documents. The best data manager allows you to do these things:

  • Backup and restore information.
  • Transfer files between computer and  tablet, or any other device.
  • Use it to print out photos, contacts and text messages.
  • Support operating systems of android.
  • Work really well on every brand, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 9, 8, 7 and S10, 9 and 8. 

With this software, it is possible to boost user interface and enable text messages from android. Feel free to search an android manager from the Google Play Store and use its trial version. See these instructions to print text messages from android phone.

Android Device

User Guide for Android Manager for SMS

Download and install an SM manager on your computer. It will help you to connect your android devices to a computer through a USB cord. Check the user-interface of this app and enable debugging on your devices. You can do this by following on-screen instructions.

You can see a file folder arranging your phone. Enter an SMS tab to preview details of files. When previewing data, you have to choose files by clicking them out. After selecting file, tap on the export option to transfer messages from your phone or tablet to a PC. Wait for a few minutes for the completion of this process.

Use a local printer to link your lease ipad pro and start the printing process. You have to open your messages in “.text, .xml or .csv” format with Excel, tap on “File – Print” and finally confirm. Sometimes, you can connect your device with a printer directly. Before doing anything, check possible options.

Screenshots to Print Messages

If you are a clumsy user, you can take prints of your messages by taking screenshots. Remember, this method can be complicated for you because you have to take a screenshot of text messages. Keep these messages in the form of a picture and use some tools to print these pictures. To take screenshots of your photos, you can hit a volume button and power button.

Make sure to save these photos and take their print outs with a reliable printer. It is possible to transfer these photos to a computer with a data cable.

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