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Nowadays, it is possible to play music on Alexa speakers with 14 inch tabletAlexa speakers allow you to control and play music across Echo devices. These are compatible speakers for your Android devices. Here are some steps to create a multi-room music group in the app:

  • Choose the device icon.
  • Choose the + icon and add multi-room music speakers.
  • Use group names or create your custom name.
  • Choose a specific device to include and then choose “Create Group”.
  • To start multi-room playback music, play (music selection) on (name of the group).

14 inch tabletIf you want to hear music, Spotify tunes or Pandora in your house, you can connect voice assistant of your device with a 14 inch tablet.Feel free to have Echo devices in different rooms and control them with Alexa. After following some necessary steps, you can instruct Alexa to play podcasts or music on Alexa-enabled speakers. It is possible to designate a speaker group or preferred speaker based on your room.

You have to create a speaker group. With the use of Alexa mobile app, it is possible to choose Alexa speakers, such as Echo devices and third-party speakers. Feel free to control Polk Command Bar or Sonos One. 14 inch tablet

Alexa Speaker Group

In the first step, you have to create a speaker group with Alexa assistant. It will help you to control this speaker with a 14 inch tablet. Fire up mobile app of Alexa, click the menu button in the top of the screen and click “Settings – Device Settings” and tap “plus” button. You have to tap “Add Multi-Room speakers – Continue”.

Choose a suitable name for the speaker group. Make sure to use an available name so that Alexa can hear and understand it easily. With a good group, you can control Alexa-enabled speakers in different rooms.

After choosing a name, you have to select speakers and add this name to a new speaker group. You can check the list of compatible speakers. This list may not include Bluetooth speakers harmonizing with Echo devices. After creating a speaker group, you can tap each speaker in the list. Make sure to create another group and include the name of speakers in this group. 

Download a suitable app for your 14 inch tablet to control every speaker. If you are using the desktop app or Spotify mobile, your Alexa speaker group must show up as a Connect option for Spotify in the device menu.

Choose Speaker Group or Alexa Speaker

Set an Echo device to play music on speaker group of Alexa without telling Alexa about a specific group. For instance, for the Echo in your kitchen, it will be easy to set up play tunes for Alexa. You can play your favorite songs on dining and kitchen room speaker group with a 14 inch tablet

Setup will help you to choose a speaker group from an available list. Echo devices will help you to play tunes and music. Alexa will help you to fill your favorite rooms with music and turn it into a disco.

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