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Discounted Cheap TabletsThe high end-features and bright screens of the discounted cheap tablets consume plenty of power. People use these tablets for multiple purposes, such as working, listening to music, shopping, etc. You may love the device, but hate its battery life because it dies quickly. There are a handful of tricks that may work to prolong the battery life of the tablet. Everyone should learn these to try and extend their battery power.

Reduce Screen Brightness

The high setting of screen brightness sucks a lot of battery power. The larger sized tablets have an appealing display, slim and minimal weight. Nevertheless, a large area of the screen requires more power to function. Display of the discounted cheap tablets eats more power than any other app. Some tablets have an automatic screen brightness feature. Take control of the display brightness to enjoy the device and extend the battery life.  

Sort Out Which App Drains the Battery Power

Cheap tabletsTablet allows users to check the apps that are consuming more power. Tap on Setting>Battery to check the battery consumption percentage of apps. You may disable the apps draining more battery. The screen of a tablet slays the battery mercilessly. You may disable/turn off the screen backlight to infuse power into the battery.

Turn Off Background Data

Background data weakens battery without knowledge of the tablet user. You might have experienced that discounted cheap tablets automatically update apps when you connect it to the internet. Turning off the background data is a productive step to enhance battery power. For example, email and such other apps will not show its content until you open the apps. Similarly, Facebook will only be updated on your recommendation.

Minimize the Screen Timeout

Tablets have different screen time-out options. It depends on the user to set the screen’s period of activity. Minimize the amount of time, so screen will not stay lit as long. The display takes less power with the shorter screen time-out option you choose.

Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

android tabletsWireless technologies of the discounted cheap tablets such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth require a great amount of power to run. It is necessary to turn off these accessories to boost battery power. People do not always use these features, but still they keep them on unconsciously.

Turn Off Auto-Sync

Turning off the auto-sync option saves the battery power. Different services and apps automatically begin to function at the backend when they turn on the auto-sync option. Many apps require a high amount of power of the tablet battery. Go to Settings and un-select the Sync option to stop the sync in the background.

Turn Off GPS

GPS of discounted cheap tablets drains the battery.  Turned on GPS is connected with satellites orbiting around the earth to fetch information. Always use the GPS in short bursts to navigate to a location. You may also use Google Maps without turning GPS on. However, this trick may not give you an accurate location. Tablet utilizes the WI-FI to get location when GPS is turned off. These results are also reliable.

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