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People have a misconception that they can’t use their device to hack a game. Remember, hacking or cheating a game can be a significant issue. Developers always try to prevent this cheating in their games. As compared to consoles and PC, mobile game hacking is becoming prominent. There are numerous methods to perform hacks in an android tablet rental game without root.

Tips to Hack Games without Rooting a Phone

Android users can access an extensive collection of exciting games. Google play store offers numerous categories of games. Feel free to play puzzles, strategy games, racing games, etc. These games may vary between 2MB and 2GB. Here are some methods to hack your favorite gameThese tricks are functional for other devices as well.

Android Games

Exploit a Game with Time

You can exploit an android device to hack a game. This trick will work with a game that can regenerate in-game resources with time. These resources include building infrastructure, research, energy and heart. It must not be an online or server based game, such as Clash of Clans.

Launch your game that you want to hack, play for some minutes and consume resources based on time. You must not close this app and hover on this app and press a home button of your android phone. Go to clock settings and check date and time settings. Change the date, such as increase one day. 

Now proceed to your game and check if you have regained a few of these resources. It is an excellent way to exploit time-based games. 

Use Auto Clicker to Hack Fast Clicker Based Onlne Game

Feel free to download auto clicker apps from the Google Play Store and install it. This app may not help you to play every game perfectly. It is designed for android games and needs tapping your device screen.

Auto clicker apps work well for the games that need tapping on the display of mobile. Install this clicker app on your mobile and configure this app as per your convenience. After configuring an auto clicker, you have to launch the main page of the game. Click on the screen, and an auto clicker will do its job. 

Lucky Patcher

With this app, it will be easy for you to hack online games. Remember, this app will not work for high secured games, such as Arena of Valor and Clash of Clans. If you want to hack this game, download a lucky patcher app and ignore popup messages.

After downloading and installing this app, use its dashboard to manipulate a game. You will get a complete menu of patches.

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