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Most of us use our Android tablet to play games, watch movies, access social media platforms, listen to music, and for many other purposes. This means that there will plenty of apps, games, music, and video files in our Android tablet. This can take up a significant amount of the internal memory space of your tablet.

However, you can easily solve the issue by installing an extra microsSD memory card on your Android tablet. Even if your Android tablet doesn’t come with a dedicated slot for an external memory card, you can transfer the data to a USB flash storage drive with ease.

Transferring Files

You can easily copy the movies and other files in your tablet to the USB flash drive to free up the internal memory space. Moreover, if you wish to watch movies without copying them to your Android tablet, you can simply plug in the USB drive to your tablet with the help of a compatible OTG cable and enjoy the movie.

Note that you will have to purchase two items initially, a compatible OTG cable and a USB flash drive, to do so. You can easily get cheap deals for both these items on online wholesale tablet stores. If you already have the OTG cable and USB device at hand, follow the below-given set of steps to connect the flash storage device to your Android tablet.

  • Connect the USB OTG cable to your Android tablet.
  • Plug the USB flash storage device right to the female connector of your OTG cable.
  • The File Manager in your Android tablet will most probably automatically pop-up. However, if it doesn’t pop-up, go to the File Manger from your tablet and open it.
  • You will be now able to access and play the contents of the USB flash storage device from your tablet with ease.

You can also transfer the files from the USB device to your Android tablet but there should be enough space in the internal storage memory of the tablet to do so.

After you have finished transferring the files, do not pull out the USB from your tablet all of a sudden. Instead, swipe down from the top of your Android tablet and tap on USB Mass Storage Connected option. Now tap on the relevant option to safely remove the USB storage device from your tablet.

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