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Configure Android Refurbished Tablets

Teachers use the Android refurbished tablets in the classrooms for advanced teaching. Yet in order to enable that facility for students, teachers should configure the Android Device Enrollment app in the Android tablet first. For that, download and install the latest version of the Android Device Enrollment app from Google Play Store in the administrator tablet of the teacher. Moreover, ensure that the device is in factory reset mode to configure it for the classroom.

Once you factory reset the Android tablet, install and launch the Android Device Enrollment app in the device and reboot it. Follow the prompts on the welcome screen and tap on I Do Not Have Student Account Info Ready. You can enter the student information once you configure the Android Device Enrollment app in the tablet.

The education-based app will allow sending and receiving content from Google Play for Education via Near Field Communication. You can then configure the Wi-Fi network settings in the tablet using the admin PIN, which you use in the Google Apps Admin Console. Then you need to reboot the refurbished tablets of students; note that they also should be factory reset.

When done, open the Android Device Enrollment app on the admin tablet. When the app prompts, choose Multiple Students Per Device and tap on I Have Student Account Info Ready in the next prompt. In the Wi-Fi Network section, choose the same network you configured for the classroom and tap on Next.

In the Student Information, add the student usernames and passwords – there are sample spreadsheet rows for adding students log in information in the app. Then, tap on the green checkmark to proceed further. Once the app displays Ready to Bump, tap on that and hold the admin tablet with the student tablet to align the NFC antennas in both.

Once the NFC antennas get rightly aligned, you will hear a Start noise to ensure that the two Android tablets are rightly aligned. Try sending an app to the student tablet via NFC to see if the antennas are working fine in both the devices.

Tap on Ready to Bump and repeat the same NFC align process in all the other refurbished tablets for your students. Once you enroll the students, tap on Done in the Android Device Enrollment app and you are good to go.

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