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Setting an early morning alarm will be needful for working people or students. Thankfully, iOS lets you configure an alarm without having to install a third-party application. Alarms can be set via the World Clock app on the iPad tablet, although you can do the same via Siri in newer iOS versions.

If your iPad does not have Siri, then you need the assistance of the World Clock app to manually configure the early morning alarm on iOS. For that, open the World Clock app and tap on Alarm button located at the bottom of the screen. Next, tap on the button having a + sign to the upper-right corner and a new pane would appear allowing you to Add an Alarm.

In the pop-up box, choose the time you need the alarm to ring on the iPad. If you need a repeat alarm, tap on Repeat and choose the days of the week the alarm should go off. You can create an alarm on the app and customize it to ring on the working days and create a different alarm to go off on subsequent days when you are on holiday.

Once you are done with customizing the alarm, tap on Sound to choose a ringtone for the alarm other than the default one. In fact, you can choose a song file from the internal storage of the iPad tablet and set the file as the custom ringtone for the alarm on the World Clock app. Then you can toggle On the Snooze Slider switch so that the alarm snoozes alerting you to wake up from the sleep. Else, if you are used to waking up 10 minutes into the alarm you can choose Off on the Snoozer Slider toggle switch.

In case you have set multiple alarms in different intervals, it might be a good idea assigning a name to the respective alarms. For that, tap on the Label option and assign a custom name to each of the alarms you have created.

Convenience matters when it comes to early-morning alarms, and the World Clock app would give just that. If you have a refurbished iPad featuring Apple Siri you can simply tell the voice assistant to set an alarm. To do that, hold the device’s home button to launch Siri and say “Set an alarm for 5 am tomorrow” followed by the time and date you need the alarm to go off.

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