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android tablet cheapest priceHow do you buy the Android tablet cheapest price for watching movies? This is a tough question, but don’t worry; we are going to answer it below. First, we are going to explain what qualities to look for when buying a tablet for viewing movies. Afterward, we will mention the best models available on the market.  

What Makes the Best Tablet for Watching Videos and Movies?

best tablets for watching moviesTablets are entertainment devices. They can also be productive as the Surface Line and iPad Pro have proved. However, let’s be honest, we buy these computer devices for basic things like chatting online, surfing the internet, and watching movies. 

If you are specifically buying a tablet to watch movies, what qualities should you look for? It’s an interesting question. Consider the following:

Screen Size and Aspect Ratio

If you prefer a small screen, then you are better off with your smartphone. If you are looking for android tablet cheapest price, then you have to do with a bit larger display. Tablets generally are larger than smartphones. This makes sure you can view your content.

There are design elements which make these devices easy to hold and see the content from a comfortable viewing angle. You might need to make cuts on portability. Tablets feature 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio this way. In case the content you watch doesn’t match the aspect ratio of your device, the tablet will create blacked out edge to fix things. 


 1080P isn’t the king anymore; there are far better options available. If you are looking for android tablet cheapest price, make sure it has 720p. It doesn’t run Full HD, but it will do. You can’t expect Full HD below 1080P. If you want something that will blow you away, then look for a 4K screen.

There are other options available in the market as well.  Apple’s Retina Display has a high pixel count, so it’s another stunning option 

Battery Life

Best Tablet dealYou can’t watch a movie comfortably if your tablet can’t hold a charge. When it comes to looking for a tablet for watching movies and videos, you need something with a beefy battery. Most testing run by companies is done in airplane mode, so you can’t expect accurate results. Videos can drain batteries fast. You will need a quite powerful unit. 

For starters, you should never buy something with less than 7,000mAh capacity. 10,000mAh or more is ideal, but it’s rare to find tablets with such batteries. Even if you do manage to find a tablet with such specs, you will have to sacrifice on other qualities. 

You should know this before you start hunting for android tablet cheapest price. 

The Best Tablets

It’s about time we name the best tablets for watching movies. We are only judging these tables on their ability to be a content consumption device, especially if you want to see movies based on the characteristics mentioned above. 

  • iPad Pro 9.7 Inch
  • Asus ZenPad 3S
  • Fire FHD 10 Tablet

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