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Promoting Android Instant Apps

Google recently rolled out a number of excellent features in order to boost the appeal of the Android apps in the Google Play Store. The latest features introduced by Google will allow Android tablets users to use the major feature of an application without installing it on their device.

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Instant Apps let developers and app designers to easily distribute their apps from a link, which will be shared via social media platforms, messages, or through any other way. This will in turn offer a halfway point between the mobile web and native Android apps.

For instance, the New York Times Crossword puzzle Instant App allows Android tablets and smartphone users to play a small part or portion of the game, which is popularly called as the daily mini crossword puzzle. The app developers believe that this new strategy will lure in more users to games and applications.

Google currently has multiple numbers of excellent Android applications, which supports Instant Apps. Some of the most popular ones are NYTimes crossword puzzle, Skyscanner, Red Bull TV, Onefootball, Buzzfeed, and ShareTheMeal app of the UN. One of the major highlighting features of these apps is that they contain a “Try it Now” button on its store listing, which allows Android device users to know that the new feature is available in them.

Reports claim that these Instant Apps will go on live to customers by the start of 2018. In addition to that, Google has also confirmed the cut that they take from app subscriptions will be reduced to 15 percent from 30 percent once the app developer retains customers for more than 12 months.

It is rumored that the new fee structure of Google will commence from January 01, 2018, and it will most likely match the offer that Apple made a few months ago. Additionally, Google will be also notifying app developers when a user cancels his/her subscription and they will also gain the ability to block the user’s access to a particular service until they resolve the payment renewal issue.

Google will also be adopting more than a few steps to remove poor Android applications from Android Play Store. The newly introduced “minimum functionality” policy bans apps, which “crash, force close, freeze, or otherwise function abnormally” on Android devices.

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