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Bulk Wholesale Android Tablets
Wholesale Android Tablets

The dependence on Android tablets has increased extensively among the users. To serve many of the daily needs of the users, tablets contain numerous applications for every purpose. In addition to the apps, every Android tablet contains an array of useful widgets in them. They have the advantage over conventional apps, as they are handier and easy to access. Adding them to the home screen is relatively much easier and will aid the user in many immediate uses.

The widgets that come along with your tablet are mainly simple ones that are highly limited in their functions. However, there are assortments of excellent widgets like contact, navigation, eBook, and web page favorite that are worthy inclusions for your tablet. The following are some of the useful widgets that you can add to your Android tablet.

Directions Widget

The directions widget enables the user in quickly accessing the directions to a specific location without relying on an app. The widget should be added first to the home screen for convenient usage of this feature. Select the travel method and destination while also providing numerous other details like name, address, etc.

After saving them, the widget can be used instantly by tapping on its icon on the home screen. This will open up the maps app and guides you to the preferred destination through the navigation mode.

Contact Widget

Adding the contact widget is a quicker way to accessing your favorite contacts with just a tap on the home screen. To do this first, add the contact widget on the home screen and select the contacts from the address book of your tablet. This will create a widget on the home screen that represents the selected contact. The information about the contact can be accessed instantly by tapping on the widget home screen icon.

eBook Widget

These widgets are a must addition for avid readers who need quick access to their favorite eBooks in the tablet. To add one, select the book widget and then add in the favorite eBooks from your digital library. Tapping on this widget will quickly redirect you to the Play Books app for accessing the stored eBooks.

Web Bookmark Widget

Web bookmark widgets are the perfect way to access your favorite websites right from the home screen. Chrome/Chrome bookmarks are web bookmarks widget found in the widgets screen that can be added as a shortcut for quick access.

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