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If you ever have a presence at exhibitions or trade shows, then you better understand the factors that help you shape a good experience for the people when they visit your booth and speak to your representative. Now imagine using a tablet device in that same context. Tablets and devices in event and exhibition shows can help businesses craft an excellent experience that is both memorable and compelling to visitors.

Let’s look at five ways of how tablets are revolutionizing the event and exhibition industry.

Deliver Live Product/Service Demo

If you are participating in tech-events, give visitors a live demo of the software, app, games, online portals, etc. with the help of tablets. However, if you are engaged in non-digital service like interior designing, furniture fabrication, etc., you can still use tablets to creatively present your products, services, and processes that give a pleasant experience to visitors. Product reviews, explainer videos, design images are useful to showcase on the tablet to let them know what you do in the real-world situation. It helps you deliver great insight into your skills and business.

Receive Orders/Pre-Orders/Payment There and Then

Apart from displaying content to visitors on tablets, the devices are also helpful to take orders and payment at the moment. Since it is portable and carries appropriate software and backed by internet connection, you can indulge the visitors into the meaningful conversation and help them make a buying decision there and then.

Direct Access To Online Brochures/Products/Services

Technology has helped us respond promptly. Using a tablet device in an exhibition, either securely fixed to a table, wall or desk, counter or held by a member of staff, it is possible to present a whole range of products and services at the very time. Your visitors no longer need to go back to their home or workplace to get a view of your website or brochure.

Efficient Data Capture Process

Rather than leads going cold because in the hustle and bustle of an exhibition, scribbling down people’s contact details and collecting business cards which you wouldn’t manage well, using tablets is a real boon. Using a simple form set up in portable tablets such as name, company name, phone number and email address, you can quickly capture details of potential leads from the exhibition and can retrieve it whenever you want.

No Need To Be Tied To Your Stand

Last but not least, tablets are a popular choice today because these devices are lightweight and portable. It allows staff to move around and communicate with visitors away from the booth. At the very moment and very place, it is possible to facilitate demo of products/services, engage them into the discussion, solve queries to build trust, facilitate orders and even receive payments.

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